If your conveyor belt requires repair work or you need to extend your existing system of conveyor belts, you can rely on Lufkin Rubber & Gasket. Our employees have over 130 years of combined experience. Our Irrespective of the size and type of belt, we can splice or repair it for you.


Width Capacity!
Weight Capacity!


On-Site Maintenance

Rely on our experienced professionals to install conveyor belt components (cleaners, pulleys, and more) to make your conveyor run smoothly.


Belt Splicing

Lufkin Rubber & Gasket can fit your belt assembly with mechanical lacing and fasteners produced by the world’s finest manufacturers.


Special Fabrication

Cleats, sidewall, non-magnetic, hole punching, elevator buckets, and much more!


Belt Vulcanization

Heat vulcanization services are available in-house or on-site for your conveyor application. Lufkin Rubber & Gasket can vulcanize belt up to 84” wide!


Belt Slitting

We can custom slit your belt to the width of your specification! Our slitter has an 84” width & 30,000lb capacity… so we can handle your belt!



We can install pulleys, drums, idlers, lagging, cleaners & wipers, and much more!



2 Ply Standard Black Heavy Duty
“Standard” is compounded to provide excellent abrasion resistance and flex life. These belts are the best buy for the majority of heavy duty applications.

3 Ply Standard Black Heavy Duty
Three plys offer extra strength and impact resistance.

4 Ply Standard Black Heavy Duty
These belts are often used on high tension conveyors with long centers.

2 and 3 Ply Moderate Oil Resistance
The seven belts of this type combine excellent abrasion resistance and long flex life with moderate oil resisting properties.

2 Ply Flame Retardant
Designed for above ground applications where fire retardant belting is required.

2 and 3 Ply Flame Retardant Oil Resistant-Static Conductive
Specially compounded for the oily effects of grain, these belts are also static conductive.

2 Ply - 3 Ply and 4 Ply Cover x Bare
Designed for medium to heavy duty service in slider bed applications.

Super Oil Resistant - "Hot Asphalt"
Two and three ply belts specially compounded for applications requiring moderate to very high oil resistance.

High Heat Resistant - 400°F - 700°F
These are premium two, three, and four ply belts that are compounded to withstand temps to 400°F with lumpy materials.

Skirtboard Rubber / Chute Lining
1/4" to 1" black rubber belting used at the point of loading for guiding product onto the center of a system and for protecting conveyor parts.